Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gpop's Touhou Pad Pack 2!

And the second is in progress! Feel free to make requests here!


My Life ( Is fucked up) - MiNDFuCKeD LOLi
Hartmania - Knights of Round
Floating Darkness - Tatsh
Bad Apple!! - Alstroemeria Records
Bad Apple!! (REDALiCE Remix) - Alstroemeria Records feat. REDALiCE
Dark Clock ~ Death dial - Aquaelie
Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship - ZUN
Border of Maximum - AKHT
Oriental Dark Flight - Demetori
Native Faith - Colour Sound ~xi-on~
FUCKING Saturday Night FEVER!! - MiNDFuCKeD LOLi
Hartmann's Youkai Girl - =NeutraL=
The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain - Colour Sound ~xi-on~
Heartful Necromancer - IOSYS
Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke - ZUN
Freezing on Ice - IOSYS
Shanghai Alice at 210BPM - Unlucky Morpheus
Firebird - Sound Online
Faith is for the Transient People ~ Jehovah's YaHVeH - Demetori
Mizuhashi's Jealousic Park - ALiCE'S EMOTiON
P4U - =NeutraL=
Romance in the Sky - ZUN
Power of Dream - IOSYS
Usatei - IOSYS
Unyutei - ottiki
Voile, the Magic Library - Tasofro

Fires of Houkkai - ZUN





495 - T+Pazolite (submitted by Hiryuu)
Draw the Line - SOUND HOLIC feat. 709 sec. (submitted by Hiryuu)

The first pack can be found here:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gpop's Touhou Pad Pack

Well yeah I'm making one.The other attempts in making such a pack for Stepmania has failed miserably and died, and I'm getting tired of that crap (even Mint [Letty Whiterock over at MotK] has tried and failed). So instead, I'm making my own pack, because I love it.

Below I'm gonna post a songlist for the pack. I may add more since I'm pretty sure I had more in the list that I can't think of atm.


Marisa Stole the Precious Thing -Ambition of the DAWNTO Count- - REDALiCE
Furadoru - Kisenon
Night Falls ~Evening Star~ (CtC remix) - danmaq
Wouldn't Cucumber-Flavored Beer Be Nice to Drink!? - Everyone Can Know! This Technology Solves- - IOSYS
Mystic Oriental Dream ~Ancient Temple - UI-70
Border of Extacy - IOSYS
Cirno's Perfect Math Class - IOSYS
Critical Judgement - Sota Systems + Something Unreal
Enough with the Knife! - A Gatekeeper's Chapter - - IOSYS
Gensokyo Millenium - History of the Moon - UI-70
The Grimoire for Alice - dbu
Hakurei Shrine Neighbourhood Association Marching Song - IOSYS
Scarlet Zone - Amaze
U.N Owen was her + Love-coloured Master Spark -Trance Mix- - ION
Youkai Zone - AU
Taboo Tears You Up - IOSYS feat. REDALiCE
Donations Please! -nNRsm- - IOSYS
Usatei - IOSYS
Kanbu de Tomatte Sugu Tokeru - IOSYS
Nuclear Fusion - =NeutraL=
Heian Alien - ZUN


Touhou Pad Pack submissions
Marisa Stole the Precious Thing

Marisa Stole the Precious Thing (IOSYS Remix)


Necrofantasia - ZUN


??????????? - Aquaelie

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's my birthday

Turned 17. Yay?

I guess this video will fit the occasion then.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sorry for the delay...

Yeah...sorry about the lack of updates here. My laptop was with my fapping father for the past 2 weeks or so. So I just got it back a few days ago =/.

First off, video, because this video is something I found a week or so ago which I really enjoy, and I might step in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.

And here's the nicovideo link to this video:

Next off, soccer crap. I'm not gonna say much except that we won all of the games up until now, but in the previous game I injured my shin which still hurts like a bitch >.<. But fortunately it's much better than before, and I'll be able to play tonight.

Next up, school crap. Exams are done, I did fairly well in all of my subjects, but LUCKY to stay above 80 in English. Damn I hate that course. So now I got the whole 2 month summer break. WEEEEEEEE!

Lastly, Maidens of the Kaleidoscope has had Cirno's Perfect Math Class sub-forum reset, and now the entire Idiot Maiden crap has been reset, and new rules on how to become such. With Kanako and Ruro as Idiot Dieties, and Nintendonut888 FINALLY an Idiot Maiden, they control most of the show. I've been appointed as Idiot Princess, along with a few others. I'll be challenging for IM when my time comes, but for now I'm sticking with the blue name =/.

So yeah, nothing much happened within the past few weeks other than this crap.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Video and more soccer stuff.

Don't question this video. It's too awesome to explain (also this song is pretty wtf in IIDX =/)

Anyways, I didn't get a chance to say what happened last week. The game I mentioned...we won 5-0. It was a joke. And they say this team was hard. We running circles around them =/.

Also, as some people may have known, I was away at a soccer tournament last weekend. We had to play two tough teams, and one...incredibly bad team.

We lost the first game 2-0 to some Toronto team that's supposed to be one of the best below TFC. The second game was against the joke team, so my coach decided to play everyone in unfamiliar positions so he could see if they're capable to do well in those positions. didn't really work, but at least we won 1-0, even though we played attrocious.

Luckily, because of the other results, we had a chance to move to the semi-finals. Only problem is that we have to WIN our last game. It was against a team we beat 2 years ago 2-0, but they aren't very easy to say the least. Unfortunately, we could only manage a tie 0-0. We had plenty of chances, but so did they, but none of us could finish. This resulted in both of us eliminated from the tournament. It was fun though =/.

Yesterday we had another game. A play-off game against some Serbian team. Easy game, won 3-1 (the goal against us was an own-goal. Stupid defender), but every player on our team was deking out every single one of their players.

Well I have another game tomorrow against some Croatian team (hmm...I wonder how the game would go if the Serbian team played the Croatian team...), and we expect it to be yet another easy game. I just hope the other players don't get too over-confident though.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Posting from School and Soccer game today

Yeah I'm bored. I'm in Media Arts class right now, where I have access to the school computers. This and my Comp. Sci class are the two classes I can post from. It's where I go when I'm bored =/.

Anyways, I also got a soccer game today. We're playing some tough team, but I'm pretty sure that we can do well. We're 2-0 this season atm, so we hope to move it up to 3-0.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been a while, hasn't it?

So I haven't made a new blog post right? Why many might ask?

Simple. I just plain forgot.

That's because there's not enough interest here. I need some interest to continue this further. I might even make daily posts about my life if you'd like.

But now I'm posting because of an awesome thread over at Maidens of the Kaleidoscope. All it is for you guys to insult me. That's it.

Click here for the link to the thread. To post you must have an account there, but I'm sure that you already have one anyways =/.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My school on the Japanese news.

Oh look we were suspected of H1N1 flu. My friend (the one with the gloves) was interviewed here because he was wearing gloves.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crimson in the Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish 【EWI】

Hooray new EWI! (Although a few days old already =/),

Monday, May 4, 2009

Stepmania Simfile - Scarlet Zone (updated)


Yeah...I was bugged a lot by Zero to step this, so I decided to do so. The steps are most likely to remain this way, but also likely to change for Touhou Pad Pack Rebirth.

You can download this file below:

Includes video, pad steps beginner - challange, with beginner - heavy being DDR steps, and challenge as ITG steps.



Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lol probated from MotK...

Yeah, I'm finally probated. I guess the admins/mods don't give out warnings anymore =/.

Well whatever, screw them. It's not like I'm going to change or anything. In fact, it's pretty convenient. I'm busy for most of the weekend anyways with schoolwork and soccer =/.

Nico Nico Douga Ryuuseigun Full Powered

I have nothing else to post -_-

But I felt like posting this anyways.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A random Touhou video...

I have nothing to post today, but I feel that this video requires more attention. And everyone should play Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Rhythm Heaven in the US). It's a really fun and addicting game.

Monday, April 20, 2009

New banner (and open to blog output ideas)

Yeah, played around with it a bit, and I finally got it to fit =/. Those from MotK should easily recognize it from my previous avatar.

Anyways, any new ideas for improvements are welcomed.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Touhou M-1: Border Girls (Subtitled)

New M-1 video that's been Subtitled. All credits go to dgreater1 for translating this on his own spare time!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Much more proper intro...


Well then first of all you guys would want to know me if you don't already. I'm Gpop. Canadian, and proud of it. Although my true background is technically Peruvian. And no, don't ask if I can speak in Spanish. I understand it really well, but unfortunately I cannot communicate back the same way =/.

You wanna know more? Well then, I USED to post quite a bit over at Flash Flash Revolution ( Don't get me wrong, it's actually quite an addicting game at first, but once you realize that others are MUCH superior than you, and you believe that you reached your limit, you don't feel playing anymore.

The community used to be alright, but now it's mostly composed of faggots and elitists with the new mods and the best that either left or got banned.

I also make simfiles for the game Stepmania ( I'm a simfile artist. You could find most of my simfiles over at FFR as well as Bemanistyle ( I mostly make pad files (files for your feet) but I do make the occasional keyboard files (files only possible for your hands). Also, a lot of my files can be found at the Touhou Pad Pack simfile pack (

Which leads to the next thing. The Touhou Project Series. Very popular over the web. Why, well, let's just say that 2chan and 4chan fads helped out a bit. It's a popular danmaku shooter (bullet-hell) game with a huge cast of characters and amazing music to go with the game. One thing though, MOST OF THE CAST CONSISTS OF LOLI! Yeah, that's right, loli, but I guess that's one thing that catches most of the people's attention. Well, not really but it's mostly the gameplay and music.

Here's a video of the gameplay itself from Imperishable Night (8th Touhou game):

And the gameplay video of the fighter, Immaterial and Missing Power (Touhou 7.5):

By the way, these are the first two videos of Touhou itself that I've ever watched. Also, don't ask where to get these games. Unless you want to pirate them, you have to buy these games yourself.

Oh I guessed I got carried away. Right now I post over at Maidens of the Kaleidoscope ( It's the Touhou English Community forum. There's also the ever so popular Touhou imageboard (, as well as the Touhou Wiki (

I also read quite a bit of Touhou doujin. A lot of them are scanlated and can be found at ( If you want to help translate or edit these doujin, or you want to get a heads up on the progress of each doujin, you can look at Magic Archive Voile (

Anyways, I can easily keep going, but I'm going to destroy this blog. It's not going to be much about my life, more than a place that I'll occasionally update with videos and interesting stuff related to Touhou and such.

Oh, and the blog name was inspired by Alice Margatroid's Mystic Square Extra Stage boss theme and the upcoming "The Grimoire of Marisa".

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Yeah...I decided to make one.

Not like I'm gonna post much here unless this place gains some interest.

Yeah, I know this place isn't a textbook of magic or anything. I'm just using the blog name just because I feel like it.

I'll probably post more later. It's getting late now...