Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gpop's Touhou Pad Pack

Well yeah I'm making one.The other attempts in making such a pack for Stepmania has failed miserably and died, and I'm getting tired of that crap (even Mint [Letty Whiterock over at MotK] has tried and failed). So instead, I'm making my own pack, because I love it.

Below I'm gonna post a songlist for the pack. I may add more since I'm pretty sure I had more in the list that I can't think of atm.


Marisa Stole the Precious Thing -Ambition of the DAWNTO Count- - REDALiCE
Furadoru - Kisenon
Night Falls ~Evening Star~ (CtC remix) - danmaq
Wouldn't Cucumber-Flavored Beer Be Nice to Drink!? - Everyone Can Know! This Technology Solves- - IOSYS
Mystic Oriental Dream ~Ancient Temple - UI-70
Border of Extacy - IOSYS
Cirno's Perfect Math Class - IOSYS
Critical Judgement - Sota Systems + Something Unreal
Enough with the Knife! - A Gatekeeper's Chapter - - IOSYS
Gensokyo Millenium - History of the Moon - UI-70
The Grimoire for Alice - dbu
Hakurei Shrine Neighbourhood Association Marching Song - IOSYS
Scarlet Zone - Amaze
U.N Owen was her + Love-coloured Master Spark -Trance Mix- - ION
Youkai Zone - AU
Taboo Tears You Up - IOSYS feat. REDALiCE
Donations Please! -nNRsm- - IOSYS
Usatei - IOSYS
Kanbu de Tomatte Sugu Tokeru - IOSYS
Nuclear Fusion - =NeutraL=
Heian Alien - ZUN


Touhou Pad Pack submissions
Marisa Stole the Precious Thing

Marisa Stole the Precious Thing (IOSYS Remix)


Necrofantasia - ZUN


??????????? - Aquaelie


  1. You had a blog?

    Looking forward to it. I can give you some of my padfiles if you want.

    I joined blogger just to comment here. =_=

    What's with all of these anti-spam word banks. =_=

  2. Yeah, had it for a while, although I don't use it much now other than to keep track of this.

    Anyways, you can send me some of your files if you'd like. I can take a look at them to see if I'll accept them (which I probably will, I'm very lenient).

  3. My files arent' THAT bad... right.

    I tried to start a blog, but I failed, because I don't have the continuity to continue one.

  4. I'm not saying that they're bad. I'm just saying that I usually accept anything that at least makes sense in terms of a pad file.

    Also, pack's on hold until I either get a new HDD or my sisters gets a new plug for her laptop.