Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Video and more soccer stuff.

Don't question this video. It's too awesome to explain (also this song is pretty wtf in IIDX =/)

Anyways, I didn't get a chance to say what happened last week. The game I mentioned...we won 5-0. It was a joke. And they say this team was hard. We running circles around them =/.

Also, as some people may have known, I was away at a soccer tournament last weekend. We had to play two tough teams, and one...incredibly bad team.

We lost the first game 2-0 to some Toronto team that's supposed to be one of the best below TFC. The second game was against the joke team, so my coach decided to play everyone in unfamiliar positions so he could see if they're capable to do well in those positions. Well...it didn't really work, but at least we won 1-0, even though we played attrocious.

Luckily, because of the other results, we had a chance to move to the semi-finals. Only problem is that we have to WIN our last game. It was against a team we beat 2 years ago 2-0, but they aren't very easy to say the least. Unfortunately, we could only manage a tie 0-0. We had plenty of chances, but so did they, but none of us could finish. This resulted in both of us eliminated from the tournament. It was fun though =/.

Yesterday we had another game. A play-off game against some Serbian team. Easy game, won 3-1 (the goal against us was an own-goal. Stupid defender), but every player on our team was deking out every single one of their players.

Well I have another game tomorrow against some Croatian team (hmm...I wonder how the game would go if the Serbian team played the Croatian team...), and we expect it to be yet another easy game. I just hope the other players don't get too over-confident though.

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